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Strategic procurement is key in managing a challenging economic environment


Did you know?

Robust procurement technology is business enabled, replacing manual operations and gaining efficiencies in overall purchasing processes and in automated invoice processing - all without heavy IT engagement.

Spend visibility enables spend management, a key strategic advantage, as higher education focuses on containing rising costs and keeping tuition hikes at bay.

BuyerQuest solves procurement issues in Higher Education

Decentralized procurement succeeds across a diverse ecosystem

BuyerQuest’s full support for decentralized procurement ensures that academics, researchers, and administrators at all levels are purchasing in the most efficient ways possible.

Full support for budgets at all levels

BuyerQuest's budget management solution provides robust tracking against budget from order to settlement. Analytics enable total visibility into spend levels and report against spend limits and accounting groups.

Contract lifecycle management locks in negotiated supplier discounts

Contracts capture negotiated pricing with suppliers – when users shop within the BuyerQuest Marketplace, they are purchasing in compliance with policies. Guaranteed Compliance with BuyerQuest Contracts means that cost savings are locked in with supplier discounts.

BuyerQuest Marketplace and Procure-to-Pay

BuyerQuest offers two great solutions for Higher Education. BuyerQuest's Marketplace solution quickly enhances the user experience of any ERP by providing a single, private Marketplace for all of the Products and Services used by your organization.

For those organizations looking to upgrade their entire procure-to-pay process, BuyerQuest also offers a full eprocurement & Procure-to-Pay suite that integrates tightly with current legacy systems.

No matter what your needs, BuyerQuest has the right solution to help your organization to control spend and drive smarter spending throughout your organization.


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