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Stop in Overspending and Gain Procurement Efficiencies


Did you know?

Increased automation in procurement processes can result in quick wins in the cost-conscious healthcare industry.

BuyerQuest provides strategic procurement transformation for healthcare organizations to forge a clear path to ROI within the first year of implementation.

Automation eliminates manual operations to free up valuable resources and redeploy them where they count the most - toward delivering excellent patient care.

BuyerQuest Solves Healthcare Procurement Problems

Contract lifecycle management locks in negotiated supplier discounts

For one facility or many, the entire organization can tap into negotiated contracts in compliance with purchasing polcies. Contracts control rogue spend by locking in supplier discounts across locations.

Budget Tracking Puts the Brakes on Overspending

Stay within budget with real time budget tracking. Transparency revelas hidden costs and eliminates overspending.

Increase Efficiencies with a Digital Transformation in Procurement

Boost operational efficiencies by minimizing touches and eliminating manual processes with expedited approvals and automated purchase order and invoice processing.

BuyerQuest Marketplace and Procure-to-Pay

BuyerQuest offers two great solutions for Healthcare organizations. BuyerQuest's Marketplace solution quickly enhances the user experience of any ERP by providing a single, private Marketplace for all of the Products and Services used by your Healthcare organization.

For those organizations looking to upgrade their entire procure-to-pay process, BuyerQuest also offers a full eprocurement & Procure-to-Pay suite that integrates tightly with current legacy systems.

No matter what your needs, BuyerQuest has the right solution to help your organization to control spend and drive smarter spending throughout your organization.


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