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Did you know?

Indirect spend accounts for nearly 20% of revenue in the hospitality industry. While traditional supply chain has garnered (and will continue to garner) the most attention, indirect spend is the next frontier for savings in this industry.

Indirect spend includes everything from uniforms to equipment to pest control services to legal services. These goods and services represent billions of dollars of annual spend for the leading hospitality companies.

BuyerQuest solves procurement issues in Hospitality

Too much time spent on the ordering process

BuyerQuest simplifies the buying process by creating an intuitive, ‘One-Click’ checkout, offering users the same simplified checkout experience they’re used to on Amazon. Within their shopping cart, users also have the option to easily edit ‘accounting’ and ‘ship-to’ information at the line-item level.

Enable buying from corporate contracts

BuyerQuest allows for business divisions and separate companies within the same corporate family to lock in negotiated supplier discounts and buy from the same contracts.

Settle via P-Cards or Credit Cards

As a PCI Compliant solution, BuyerQuest is a full Procure-to-Settle solution. BuyerQuest allows for companies (including their franchisees) to buy and pay for goods and services within an Amazon-like solution.

BuyerQuest Marketplace and Procure-to-Pay

BuyerQuest offers two great solutions for Hospitality organizations. BuyerQuest's Marketplace solution quickly enhances the user experience of any ERP by providing a single, private Marketplace for all of the Products and Services used by your Hospitality organization.

For those organizations looking to upgrade their entire procure-to-pay process, BuyerQuest also offers a full eprocurement & Procure-to-Pay suite that integrates tightly with current legacy systems.

No matter what your needs, BuyerQuest has the right solution to help your organization to control spend and drive smarter spending throughout your organization.


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