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BuyerQuest combines B2C eCommerce strategies with enterprise-grade procurement workflows and controls that meet your corporate purchasing requirements.

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B2C eCommerce has proven that users START every eCommerce transaction by searching.

Similar to B2C sites, shouldn’t enterprise eProcurement solutions leverage search as well?  Whether shopping on Amazon, eBay, Zillow, or AirBnB, the consumer market relies heavily on search to begin each transaction.  BuyerQuest has taken the same design principle and enables your employees to search across all supplier contracts and services within a single storefront.



BuyerQuest seamlessly integrates a B2C shopping experience with enterprise procurement features that helps drive more spend under management while saving valuable resource time.

BuyerQuest users can browse across all approved goods and services in one location and add their items to their Shopping Cart.  BuyerQuest makes creating and submitting requisitions easy and painless for your users with a one-step checkout process.  Buyers and Suppliers are able to collaborate in real time to ensure an exception-free fulfillment process.

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Reduce the grief associated with paper invoices, disjointed one-off P2P processes, and poor communication with suppliers.

BuyerQuest enables your AP organization to drive the highest levels of touchless invoice transactions and greatly reduce tactical, low-value manual tasks.  Our Payables module streamlines and accelerates the invoicing, three-way matching, and settlement processes while reducing the time and resources spent reconciling exceptions.

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