Our Requisition module enables a more efficient submission and approval process for requisitions. BuyerQuest seamlessly integrates a B2C shopping experience with enterprise procurement features that helps drive more spend under management while saving valuable resource time.


BuyerQuest makes creating and submitting requisitions easy and painless for your users with a one-step checkout process. Users can browse across all approved good and services in one location and add their items to their Shopping Cart. Once submitted, the cart contents convert into a fully populated Requisition.


BuyerQuest provides an enterprise workflow engine that allows administrators to easily configure dynamic and complex approval workflows. Approvals can be automated based on specific rules and conditions while efficiencies are further achieved with parallel approval workflows and automated approval rule sets.


BuyerQuest simplifies the reordering process through saved shopping lists and our Quick Order pad. For commonly purchased items, users can access their saved shopping list and simply resubmit the reorder, and enter or upload their SKUs directly into the Quick Order Pad.

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