Our Quote module enables seamless collaboration between your team and your suppliers. Suppliers access the BuyerQuest Network to communicate with your team, review and submit responses to your RFQ’s and otherwise capture the Spot-Buy communications.

3 Bids & A Buy

BuyerQuest empowers your team to develop RFQs as a convenient and easy way to enable 3-bids-and-a-buy and spot-buy processes. Apply this user-centric approach to ensure compliance and enable your team to make better award decisions.

Non-RFQ Quotes

BuyerQuest gives suppliers access to initiate and submit quotes outside the RFQ process. Supplier-initiated quotes are an efficient way to receive quotes from strategic suppliers and still apply process and compliance controls.

Quote Collaboration

BuyerQuest enables seamless collaboration within the organization and with external suppliers through emails, workflow, and system notifications. All parties have clear visibility into RFQ deadlines, need-by dates, statuses, and communication history.

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