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Using industry benchmarks and research findings from leading analysts, your inputs are applied to a variety of established KPI’s in order to estimate savings opportunities and productivity gains.

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Savings Realization

Easy cross-supplier shopping ensures the best supplier and best price is selected by your users.

Allow users the ability to find all available goods and services across all suppliers in one interface, even if they don’t know where to go or exactly what they want.  A simple interface that removes barriers to buying means users are less likely to go rogue on their buying.

Realize identified savings by insuring that goods are bought against contract terms.  Eliminate options to buy goods that are off contract.

Get your suppliers paid faster with increased automation and exception based approvals.  Faster payments means realization of payment terms discounts.

Accurate categorization of spend and reducing maverick spending means more spend under control.  More spend under control means improved buying power and more spend eligible for discounts.

Operational Improvements

Reduce the time your team spends creating requisitions by enabling automation and removing unnecessary obstacles.  An intuitive interface and robust workflow engine take the guesswork out of the checkout process.

Use the industry leading workflow engine provided in BuyerQuest to eliminate extra approvals.

Make approving easy by empowering users with email, online and mobile approval options.

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  • Increase Spend Under Control
  • Savings Leakage
  • Price Stewardship
  • Reduce Tail Spend
  • Early Payment Discounts

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